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Compare your current data against internal and external historical data.



Develop a feasibility-stage budget using one or more similar historical projects. 



Analyze historical data trends to maintain your cost estimating knowledgebase.

Your project history is just a click away

A Big Data repository of all your estimate and actual cost history to help you...

  • Respond faster than your competition and build confidence with your prospects
  • Provide accurate, defensible initial budgets because clients never forget the first number!
  • Validate third-party estimates and budgets from contractors and consultants
  • Inform design by quickly analyzing relationships between historical systems, quantities and costs 
  • Establish target value baselines for design-build projects
  • Drive operational system configurations to support historical benchmarks and metrics


Set up your own browse preferences

Add filter parameters to refine results



Search by keyword

Add filter parameters to refine results

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Dive into a historical project

View images and key information

Store unlimited attributes

Track physical characteristics, financial data, ratios, and notes

Set up unlimited key quantities

Enter manually or calculate from other project data

Lookup related hours, costs, production rates, etc.

Track functional area and department quantities


Set up unlimited key metrics

Financial metrics

Performance metrics

Engineering metrics

Efficiency/production metrics

Unlimited KPIs

Review milestones and analyze schedules

Start dates, end dates and durations

Key milestones

Planned vs. Actual


View elements by any structure

Summary through detail elements

View multiple breakdown structures

Filter elements at any level

Separate direct and indirect costs


Compare historical projects

Compare attributes, milestones, and key performance indicators

Compare elements based on any WBS, CBS, or code of accounts

Designate a baseline project

Display statistics including average, median, high and low

Save as a cost model or benchmarking study



Normalize historical data, and convert currencies & units

Adjust for time and location differences

Setup productivity and country factors, and material type adjustments

Convert historical currencies to a target currency

Convert between metric and imperial units


Create portfolios

Save select projects and elements
as portfolios

Share public portfolios with your team

Send to others via email



Generate Microsoft
SSRS Reports

Leverage your team's SQL Server Reporting Services knowledge

Support for XLS, PDF, MS Word, HTML, XML and PPT formats


Export to Excel

WYSIWYG exporting

Export to Excel on your local computer

Add charts, build your own analytics, or develop your cost models in Excel

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Cleanup data

Built-in validation features

Enter missing data

Re-publish data with minimal rework

Dynamic import templates


Generate charts and graphs

Create column, bar, stacked, pie, high-low, box plots, and scatter charts

Chart key metrics and elements for one or multiple projects

Chart project and element collections

Chart portfolios

Tablet-Ready. Cloud & Local.

Take it on the road with you

Access your historical data from anywhere

Great for executives and managers on the go

Run it in the cloud with nothing to install and no IT hassle

Run it in your data center, local area network or laptop


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